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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back in business!

Bwa ha ha ha! I'm back. The question is, of course, if I really have time to maintain this thing. I've returned from Morocco, with a few posts that I never got around to posting. Sadly, I no longer blog with reference to my cafe-seat in Rabat, but with one in a classroom and a small shared office at Brigham Young University. You see, I've returned to what passes for my native land. No, I'm not actually from Utah, but I've spent five of my last seven years here, and since my parents have moved multiple times since I left home, I really have nothing that feels like home quite the way Provo does.

So I begin a master's degree in public policy at "the BY" this fall. [ed.- For those of you unfamiliar with the jargon, that's Mormon oldperson speak for "Brigham Young University." BYU students, for an equally inexplicable reason, may be referred to as "zoobies," though this usage dominates more among my parents generation than mine. "The BY" is more likely to be found in the colloquial usage of my grandparents generation. I'm quite sure that there is plenty of overlap]. I will learn the fine art of policy analysis, how to use the Stata software package, and economic models that have no relation to reality. Fun!

I'm still trying to get a sense of what this blog will focus on. Naturally, it will be ranty and screedy: some of my favorite topics on that account include the BYU economics department's incomprehensibly dogmatic neo-classical approach (ok, I'll probably write just one blog on that, for the sake of getting it out of my system), Mormon culture and my ideas about politics, economics and social justice. This isn't exactly a daily journal sort of thing, but one never knows what might come up. So enjoy, if you're willing.
So, I'll post a few old Morocco columns over the course of the next week in the hopes of resurrecting what poor readership I had when I started this project, months ago. In the meantime, I'll see if I can't come up with something interesting.